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Wednesday Night’s Cocktails

First, keep in mind that when having my evening cocktail I don’t usually feel like pulling out my DSLR to take photos. Please appreciate that when you see the crappy iPhone photos :). Last night was a multi-cocktail evening.  I started with a variation of the Sazerac following closely the classic recipe, but instead of a sugar cube I used…

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E.H. Taylor Single Barrel & Blood Oath

Tonight’s, or I should say last night’s cocktail was Colonel E H Taylor’s Single Barrel. I enjoyed this great bourbon at Bacon Brothers Public House with my stunning cocktail companion. I had a great conversation with the two bartenders and was even offered a sip of some rare Blood Oath Bourbon from a very nice young lady and fellow bourbon…

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Tonight’s Cocktail

Before I get started, note the Buffalo Trace Experimental Collection I picked up today in the picture. It has nothing to do with tonight’s cocktail, but it looks good huh! Excited about that. I’m usually a classic cocktail kind of guy if ever I stray for my bourbon neat, but tonight I decided to mix it up. Tonight’s cocktail comes…

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