Methodical Coffee, Greenville SC

If you ever find yourself in Downtown Greenville, SC just find Coffee Street and follow it to the very end. There at the end of the Coffee St. rainbow you will find Methodical Coffee where the only thing better than the coffee is Methodical’s eclectic staff.  Currently on the pour over bar you have the option of an Ethiopian, Colombian or Brazilian, neither of which will disappoint.  Don’t forget to try the toasted marshmallow or one of their signature drinks if it’s your cheat day.  If you don’t have a taste for anything currently on the bar don’t despair, they change the selections about every two weeks.  Also, this isn’t Starbucks so plan to wait a few minutes for your coffee to be prepared correctly.  Remember fast coffee and good coffee are never the same thing.  If you doubt me just give Methodical a try then head to your nearest Starbucks and ask for  your favorite black coffee.  Be very careful with this experiment though while the taste of Methodical’s coffee is still fresh on your tongue, you may be tempted to bitch slap the Starbucks “barista” after tasting what they peddle as coffee.  Be sure to tell Will that Scott sent you and I’m sure he will make your coffee especially delicious Juan Pablo.

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