What’s on your desk..?

Horrible picture, but it does illustrate my desk configuration.  In the oak barrels I have from left to right:  A Herradura Tequila slowly becoming an Anjeo. Then I have a nice bourbon aging in a barrel that previously held some of my honey from my small bee farm, which will eventually be a Sweet Honey Bourbon. Next, I have a Barrel Aged Manhattan using Stagg Bourbon and in the larger 3 liter barrel I have a Boulevardier. For those of you unfamiliar with a Boulevardier it’s a combination of Bourbon, Campari, and Sweet Vermouth, similar to a Negroni but with Bourbon. I was previously unaware of this fine concoction until the guys over at The Cocktail Dudes enlightened me. Speaking of the Cocktail Dudes, I recently produced one of the best Margaritas I’ve ever had using their Barrel Aged Margarita Recipe they even have a cool video to walk you through the process.  Hopefully soon I can post some videos of me making some of my Barrel Aged Cocktails. Stay tuned..

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